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Senior Pet Care

our team is here to help make your pet's golden years their best years

A senior dog gets specialized senior pet care at Westside Veterinary Hospital in Marietta, GA.

Pets’ needs change as they get older.

Like humans, they become more prone to disease later in life, and they commonly experience hearing loss, vision loss, and cognitive decline. Older dogs and cats tend to need more veterinary care than their younger counterparts, and they benefit from specialized services to help keep them happy and comfortable later in life. At Westside Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to be your partner in pet parenthood through all stages of your furry friend’s life — including their senior years. We provide comprehensive senior pet care in Marietta, and our team is here to help make your dog or cat’s golden years their best years. 
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Specialized Care for Senior Pets

Routine wellness exams are essential for pets of all ages. However, they’re even more vital for seniors. We recommend twice-yearly wellness exams for older animals as they allow us to detect problems early and begin treatment right away. The faster we can start treatment for a potential problem, the lower the cost and the better the prognosis. 

In addition to exams, senior pets often require pain management to help with degenerative disorders like arthritis. We may also make nutritional recommendations to help you keep your pet at a healthy weight as they age. As your pet’s needs evolve and change, our vets will help you do what’s best to help keep them healthy, comfortable, and happy. 
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Senior Pet Care in Marietta

For senior pet care in Marietta, trust the skilled and compassionate team right here at Westside Veterinary Hospital. From exams and routine wellness care to treatment for age-related ailments, we’ll do everything possible to provide the best care for your furry family member. Call now to schedule an appointment or request additional information about caring for your senior pet in Marietta.
Westside Veterinary Hospital provides senior pet care for dogs and cats in Marietta, Fair Oaks, Arbor Forest, Smyrna, Country Lake, Wynford Chase, and the surrounding areas.

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