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Digital X-Ray

we're thrilled to offer this fast and safe imaging service in our facility

A pomeranian undergoes X-ray diagnostics at Westside Veterinary Hospital in Marietta, GA.

The veterinarians here at Westside Veterinary Hospital can tell a lot about your pet’s health and overall condition by performing a physical exam.

It’s not always enough, though. We often need to see what’s going on inside a patient’s body. Whether we’re assessing the extent of an injury, searching for an ingested foreign body, or checking for pregnancies, digital x-ray provides us with detailed images of a patient’s internal structures and organs. Our digital x-ray equipment is an essential diagnostic tool, and we are thrilled to offer this fast, safe imaging service in our facility. For digital x-rays in Marietta and the surrounding areas, trust Westside Veterinary Hospital. 
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Benefits of Digital X-Ray

Also known as digital radiology, digital x-ray is used to capture detailed, high-quality images in minutes. Our vets use this technology to confirm pregnancy, count the number of puppies/kittens, examine internal organs, and assess various injuries. Digital x-ray is much faster than traditional radiology and allows us to manipulate images to better understand what’s happening inside a patient’s body. 

Radiation exposure is minimal with digital x-rays, so this type of imaging is safe for your pet. Getting an x-ray takes just minutes, and it does not cause your pet any discomfort or pain.
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Digital X-Ray in Marietta

If your pet needs a digital x-ray in Marietta, we can help! With our state-of-the-art technology, we can diagnose problems quickly and get your pet started on the right course of treatment right away. To learn more about digital radiology or to schedule an appointment for your precious pet, please contact us today.
Westside Veterinary Hospital performs digital x-rays for dogs and cats in Marietta, Fair Oaks, Arbor Forest, Smyrna, Country Lake, Wynford Chase, and the surrounding areas.

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